190SL Technical Information

Technical Information for the 190SL
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General 190 SL Information:

Chassis Numbers:
   -Find your chassis numbers
   -Year of manufacture

Club Concours Judging Criteria

   -Judging sheets

190 SL Production changes
  - Timeline
   -Exterior Rear

Color Information
  • Body colors
  • Ponton site color pages
  • Glasso color chips
  • Undercarriage color specification
  • Roser leather samples

Data Cards and Build Sheets:
  • Mercedes Benz 190SL Data Cards Explained: Original Site, Current Site
  • Option Codes & Translations for early cars up to 1961 (PDF version)
  • Option Codes & Translations for later cars from 1961 (PDF version)
  • Option Codes Comprehensive list by E.J.Boyd (DOC version)
  • Build Sheet Tool (Excel)
  • Original 1955 Delivery Note (Build Sheet) in German, with the English Translations
  • Example 1957 Delivery Note (Build Sheet) and Translations in Excel Spread Sheet format
  • Mercedes Classic Center Zertifickat Order Form

Use, Repair & Restoration Information:

Pictorial Details of a Restoration;  Restoration of a 1956 190SL ;  by Tony Gasparich

Pictorial Details of the Red Baron Restoration;  Red-Baron

Manuals and Specs:
  -Owner's Manual

  -Picture Parts Manual: Edition "C" 
  -Picture Parts Manual: Edition "D" with Part Numbers
  -Electrical Wiring Diagram - Early and Late
  -Service Manual, Model 190 Electrical Wiring Diagram (in color)
  -Electrical Terminal Designations
  -Electrical Terminal Cross Reference
  -Clamp Documentation: By Application, By Parts Book
  -Clamp Illustrations: DIN: N262, N264, N269, N288, WSN-9-284 (early), WSN-9-262 (late), WSW Install
  -Torque Specifications for Metric Fasteners
  -Valve Adjustment 928 engine

  -Fuse Box Label (1961)

  -Common DIN numbers and illustrations.

  -Templates: Driver's rubber mat, (pdf), (full size pdf)

  -Alignment Specifications: JPG   PDF

  -Fina service station Mantenance Page (in German)

Specialized Manuals and Technical Items:
  -Solex Manual (15MB PDF)
  -Solex P44 Manual (5MB PDF)
  -Solex Adjustment Procedure PDF
  -Mikuni Manual PDF 4.5MB, Info (PDF)
  -ATE T50  Brake Booster Manual (10MB PDF)
  -190 SL Tools and Adapters Page
  -Rear Axle Alignment Tool Diagram
  -Road & Track Solex tuning articles: April 1957July 1957
Wheels & Tires
  • Standard 13-inch wheel with Firestone 185/80/13
  • 14 inch steel wheels from 230SL with Michelin 185 R14 (metric tire) (D25.3)
  • 14 inch aluminum disk from 300TD with Pirelli 205/70/14 tires
  • Must Install Hub Cap Clips
  • Comparison of Pirelli 205/70/14-185/70/13, Pirelli 185/70/13
  • Picture on car
  • Comparison of , Pirelli 205/70/14 (D25.3), Michelin vintage 7.25x13 (D25.7 - Oversized standard tire from Coker Tire),        Michelin vintage 6.40x13 (D25.3 - standard tire from Coker Tire) and Pirelli 185/70/13 (D23.2)
Radio information:
  -Becker Europa Radio Technical Illustration; Installation bracket
  -Hirschman Antenna Installation Manual: Covers, Page 1, Page 2
  -Radio Noise Supression info

  -Dash Radio Cut-Out Pattern (PDF)
  -Becker Spare Parts pages (pdf) (8MB)
Restoration Pictures:
  • Body
  • Interior
  • Suspension
  • Engine
  • Tops
Fog lights,
detailed pictures and explanation
Nardi (wood)Steering Wheels
Three Point Seat Belt Mount Point
Judson Supercharger Information
  • Judson Picture
  • Paul Greenblatt's installation Instructions (excellent) 
  • Three articles from 1950's STAR in PDF: Tech Library, Road Test Reappraised
Original Rennsport Doors

Items of Interest:
Factory Pictures, Magazine Articles, Sales Brochures
  • Factory Pictures
  • Magazine Articles
  • 1961 Specifications
  • Sales Brochures (1954-1958)
  • Sales Brochures (1959-1963)
  • Sales Advertisement for an Airstream with a 190SL
  • Sales Training in German
  • Service Letter defining year of registration
  • Link to pictures of racing 190SL's 
  • Horsepower calculation with Excel 
  • Chassis Dyno torque and power charts, Jim Villers, Robby Ackerman, Robby's car on the dyno
  • Mercedes horsepower specification 

  • The Andy Griffith Show: (Low Res 790K), (High Res 3.1MB)
  • Quiller Movie: (Low Res 1.1MB), (High Res 4.9MB)
  • "Boys of Summer" music video (6.7MB fantastic) High Def, 67MB
  • High Society with Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly (12MB)
  • Das Madchen Rosemarie (German): Clip 1 (15MB), Clip 2 (10MB), Clip 3 (5MB)
  •  Assembly Line Video
  •  MB TV Commercial with 190SL 
  •  Citi  Commercial with Briant Parker's 190SL

  •  Andy Williams & Denise Van Outen  "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" video (YouTube)
  •  Drivability Video (Presentation by Jim Villers to the Pagoda Group); Handout 
  •  Spring and Shocks Video (Presentation by Jim Villers to the Pagoda Group) 
  •  Solex Tuning Video (Presentation by Will Samples of S&S Imports

  •  Happy Anniversary 1959 with David Niven  (47MB wav file) 

  • Excellence on Road and Rally Advertisement
  • SL Evolution
  • Game Box Top
  • SLR Poster
  • Index 2003-2020 (excel)
  • Index 1991-2001
  • Index 1983-2001
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